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At LaBeaute Clinic, we pride ourselves on our abilities, giving all our patients an outstanding service that they deserve. Our highly qualified doctors excel in all areas of Dentistry and Dermatology, so whether your needs prove to be medical, surgical or cosmetic you can rest assured that you are in safe hands.

Believing with the famous quote “look good, feel good!“, a visit to LaBeaute Clinic will provide you with the care and peace of mind that you need.



Our center offers patient focused services. Giving you a bright smile, there is nothing more rewarding than making that first great impression. In fact, many of us feel the gateway to one’s personality in their smile. At Labeaute Clinic, we use the latest technology to create a beautiful smile for you in a comfortable, state-of-art environment. So, if you desire professional dental care, contact one of our offices today! The “Star's Experts” are awaiting your arrival.

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At LaBeaute Clinic, our dermatologists and nurses are experts in all areas of Dermatology and able to offer you a very wide range of treatments, guiding you gently but clearly through the initial examination and diagnosis before discussing with you what further treatment may be necessary, whether it be medical or cosmetic. Our specialists are highly trained and eminently qualified to treat a wide range of problems of the skin, hair and nails.

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