Gum grafting

Gum grafting

Gum Grafting, also referred to as periodontal plastic surgery or gingival graft, refers to mulitple periodontal procedures which use grafted oral tissues to cover areas of exposed tooth root surface. It can also be utilized to build up gum tissue around missing teeth.

Gum grafting is used to enhance cosmetic appearance, decrease sensitivity, and prevent further periodontal recession

How Is Gum Grafting Done?

After the application of anesthesia, healthy tissue is removed from the roof of the mouth and placed on the site of recession and attached. This procedure can also he performed utilizing processed and sterilized cadaver gum tissue so to avoid the 2nd surgical site.

When used this cadaver tissue is mixed with growth factors from a small sample of your own blood called PRGF. This procedure can be done on one or multiple teeth.

Am I a Candidate for Gum Grafting?

Those who may be eligible for Gum Grafting are those suffer from periodontal disease, those with insufficient gum tissue, poor dental hygiene, bone loss, missing teeth or those who are dissatisfied with the shape of their natural gums or gums around dental implants.

After Surgery

This procedure is generally very successful with little down time for recovery. After healing, your gum healthy will be restored and will not require any special treatment.